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The Benefits of the Infrastructure Bill on NC

The Impact Of The Infrastructure Bill On NC Businesses

Our team at Paving Professionals has always taken pride in helping the local community in any way possible, and with the recent federal infrastructure bill that passed by the U.S. Senate, we will be able to make that possible even more. If the legislation passes the U.S. House, this guarantees to bring billions to North Carolina. That being said, around $9 billion would be put toward road funding allowing larger contractors to get business by replacing or repairing crumbling infrastructure. Of course, this is where the benefit to us comes into play. Having larger contractors do this work allows smaller jobs to open up and gives us the opportunity to create more jobs and ensure that we can keep our current employees as our employees. This opportunity will help us make sure our employees get paid and continue to get paid so they can take care of their families.


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In case you missed it, we had the opportunity to share our story and spread the word on how beneficial this is to us. Paving Professionals is proud to be your local source for asphalt and paving services, concrete, curb and gutter, site work, grading, speed reduction bumpers, and more. We are committed to high-quality work and customer service and promise to always put our community first. Check out our local news story here, or give us a call if you may need any of our services. We look forward to what the future holds for us and North Carolina.

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