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Concrete Dumpster Pad

Heavy Duty Concrete Dumpster Pad Installation

Dumpster pads can be made of different materials yet the optimal material is concrete. Consider the incredible amount of downward force that trash trucks and metal dumpsters place on the pavement. Concrete is quite the sturdy material so it will not cause dents, dimples or make any other sort of impact in the surface like asphalt. The result is a preservation of the concretes integrity rather than the premature failure created by other materials, especially asphalt.

When a metal rebar or wire mesh is put into the slab, a remarkably strong steel and concrete combination results. This combination can withstand the rigors of excessive force for much longer than asphalt when impacted by a trash truck’s enormous load.

Ideally, the dumpster pad will stretch out about 10 to 15 feet ahead of the dumpster. This positioning allows the front wheels of the trash truck to rest on the pad and absorb the truck’s massive weight. It is important to note that trash trucks commonly leak because of the strain placed on the built-in hydraulic system. Thankfully, concrete cannot be negatively impacted by oil that leaks out of these trucks and other vehicles. Such an oil leak or the leaking of the trash truck’s hydraulic fluid will weaken asphalt yet it will not affect the integrity of the concrete slab.

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