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Asphalt Parking Lot & Pavement Striping

After asphalt repairs, replacement, or resealing, parking lots need to be restriped! In order to give you the highest quality results from your paving job, we offer parking lot striping services that can be completed after any job. We handle every aspect of the striping, from designing a new layout to manage traffic flow, to completing the striping of the parking area. We offer 3 main parking space layouts that you can choose from.

  • Straight 90-degree parking
  • Angle parking between 45 and 60 degree angle
  • Parallel parking on which the lines are perpendicular.

Parking lots don’t just need parking spaces striped with pavement marking paint but there are also handicap logos, arrow markings, stop bars, crosswalks, cross hatches, no parking, fire lane, visitor and other specialized pavement marking stencils that can be provided in our quote for your project. We can do specialized striping projects as well. There is no striping project we are not able to tackle.

Parking Lot Striping

What Kind Of Paint Is Used To Stripe A Parking Lot?

There are three main types of paint used to stripe a parking lot: latex, alkyd or oil based, and thermoplastic.

Most parking lot pavement marking projects or striping projects use Latex Paints or water-based paints. They are the green option of the bunch. They dry quickly in warmer weather, and are the most affordable paint option, but they can’t be used in temperatures below 50°F.

Oil Based or Alkyd Paints are a great option for parking lot striping jobs that are being done in colder weather or on concrete. They don’t separate in the cold like latex paints, and are able to dry at lower temperatures without much trouble. They also adhere to concrete surfaces better. But they don’t offer the same resilience offered by the other paints either except for on concrete surfaces. Concrete is less porous than asphalt so oil and alkyd paints will last longer than latex on concrete surfaces.

Thermoplastic pavement marking on the other hand is the most durable paint by far. Thermoplastic striping uses sophisticated equipment to apply a resin and glass bead on major roadways. Thermoplastic is rarely used on parking lots. Thermoplastic is created by combining glass particles and resins, which are then heated within a specially designed applicator and bonded to the pavement. The glass beads used for the application of thermoplastic striping provide a built-in reflectivity. It is the kind of pavement marking used most often on state roads, public roads, state highways and US highways because of its resistance to impact and abrasion. Thermoplastic comes with a much higher price tag than the other paint options. Whatever your needs, we guarantee that we have the striping and pavement marking options for you!

How Far Apart Should Parking Lot Stripes Be?

The standard size for parking stalls is 8.5 or 9 feet in width, and 18 feet in length with stripes that are typically 4 inches wide. We are happy to complete a parking lot full of standard parking stalls, but besides offering typical parking stalls, we can also provide handicapped parking stalls, and compact car stalls.

Our compact car stalls are used as needed and by customer request. However, every jurisdiction has parking lot striping regulations.

For commercial projects, check the municipal codes regarding the paving space designs standards for your city. 

Asphalt Paving Sealcoating and Newly Painted Lines

Why Choose Paving Professionals?

Our focus is your satisfaction. That’s why we do everything that we do! That’s why we use the highest quality products, that’s even why we are a full-service paving contractor, covering from site prep to finish work, each step is done with the utmost care so that you are left with a high-quality finished project that will last for years to come. When we do any job, we believe it should be done right the first time. Let us show you why we are regarded as the best sealcoating and striping company in Raleigh!

Service Areas

We provide parking lot striping services for 100-miles around Raleigh. Some of the cities we serve include, but are not limited to:

Apex, Angier, Auburn, Benson, Burlington, Butner, Cary, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Clinton, Creedmoore, Danville, Durham, Elm City, Fayetteville, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Goldsboro, Greensboro, Henderson, Hillsborough, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Mcgee Crossroads, Meban, Morrisville, Pinehurst, Pittsboro, Red Oak, Rocky Mount, Rolesville, Sanford, Smithfield, Tarboro, Wake Forest, Willow Springs, Winston Salem, Wilson, Williams Crossroads, Wendell, Zebulon, and many more!

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