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Asphalt Crack Filling

What Is Crack Filling?

Crack filling is the process of sealing cracks in the surface of the pavement with a hot asphalt crack filler. This filler is made up of petroleum mixed with sand, allowing the filler to act both as a sealant for the crack preventing water seepage, and as a joint allowing for the expansion and contraction of the pavement during hot and cold weather.

Water seepage is the number one reason why crack filling is such a big deal. Just like how sealcoating prevents water from settling into little pores in the surface and causing the degradation of the asphalt, crack filler acts as a heavy duty patch, restoring the non-porous attributes to asphalt with large working cracks.

The second reason you should fill the cracks in your asphalt is vegetation will begin growing in them. As the roots on vegetation get bigger, the plant root can actually push the pavement up and create even more damage. Even worse, if water does penetrate the crack and seeps under the asphalt surface, this will almost always create a soft spot which in turn can create a Pot Hole.

All of these conditions can be avoided by practicing good asphalt maintenance such as keeping these cracks filled as they occur and then sealcoating to for added protection and preventative maintenance against the elements.

Asphalt Crack Filling

When Should You Fill Asphalt Cracks?

Asphalt crack sealing is a maintenance method in which hot sealant is applied to working cracks to prevent water intrusion.

What are working cracks?

  • Working cracks are horizontal and/or vertical movements in cracks greater than 0.1 inches.
  • An example of working cracks is a transverse crack.

The best way to determine when it’s time to fill cracks is by completing a visual inspection. Keep in mind that the sooner cracks filler is applied, the less expensive the job will be. Crack filling quotes are typically completed based on cracks that are 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick and deep. The smaller the cracks are when filled, the more damage you can prevent to your asphalt, and the less it will cost you both short and long term.


We always recommend sealing cracks before any asphalt seacoating job. Crack sealing before sealcoating keeps the pavement surface as one cohesive, and non permeable layer. This is an ideal situation when sealing asphalt parking lots because it increases the lifespan of the pavement and sealant drastically.

Crack sealing is not an option however when the pavement experiences what we refer to as alligator cracks. When multiple cracks run over a surface creating a texture much like that of the scales on an alligator, crack sealing will be unable to provide the structural integrity the section needs to prevent water from entering the asphalt and causing further damage. Sections of asphalt that suffer from alligator cracking will need to be removed and patched.

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What Is The Best Way To Fill Asphalt Cracks?

The seal material used and the way it is applied makes a big difference in the longevity of a parking lot. The best method for applying crack filler to asphalt is to use a special hot melting crack filling machine designed specifically for this purpose. This machine will heat the crack filler to temperatures upwards of 3700 F in order to ensure proper adhesion to the pavement. Additionally the cracks that are being sealed should be opened up to at least half an inch, had all moisture removed, and been cleared of any debris before having crack fill applied.

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