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Questions to ask your asphalt paving contractor

With so many paving contractors in Raleigh, North Carolina, it gets difficult to choose the right one. We have tried to make it simple for you by listing the questions that you must ask a contractor when looking for driveway paving in Raleigh, North Carolina.

How much experience does your company have?

The answer tells you a lot about their reputation and experience. Try choosing a contractor with at least a decade of experience in this industry. 

What’s excluded and included in the scope of work?

Documents related to the scope of work might look confusing, especially when you are hiring a contractor for the first time. It is better to ask what’s included and what’s not upfront to avoid confusion.

Are there any hidden fees?

More often than not, the contractors levy an additional fee in the middle of the project. It’s always better to be prepared and ask up front if there are any issues with our project that could call for a change order.   Change orders are sometimes needed to remedy an issue that was not known until the asphalt was removed or the subgrade was uncovered.  Don’t let a contractor charge you for something that is not known until its discovered and then they can present the additional cost needed to fix the uncovered issue. 

Can I get some references?

If the contractor is hesitant to provide references, it is better to go with someone else. Use the reference details provided to get a clear idea of how good they are at follow up, scheduling and quality of work. 

It’s always a wise idea is to check out their website to see what types of services they offer and get information about the company.

If you are looking for an asphalt paving company in Cary, North Carolina you can trust Paving Professionals. 

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