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Impact of erosion on asphalt paving

It doesn’t matter which location asphalt paving is present or which material is used, the asphalt paving is bound to erode. The erosion results in cracking, the formation of potholes, fading, and other issues. Connect with a parking lot paving company from Raleigh, North Carolina to repair your asphalt paving to handle these issues.

When water from floods, rain, and other sources hits the pavement, it results in erosion due to hardening of bitumen. This deepens cracks that are already present in the asphalt. The asphalt below the surface also gets compromised due to this issue. The cracking of asphalt surface due to pressure is witnessed when the moisture softens the sub-layer.

To prevent the asphalt from moisture, you need to seal coat with the help of a professional asphalt paving company from Raleigh. By seal coating the surface every two to three years, it is possible to reduce the oxidation rate by around 75 percent. Make sure to seal coat the pavement before the issue arises. After oxidation or erosion, seal coating fails to enhance flexibility.

It is crucial to keep oxidation in check, as it leads to asphalt erosion. Oxidation makes parking lots brittle, making it prone to cracks. Pavement starts looking grayer with each passing day due to this issue. If not taken seriously at the beginning, the damage might demand extensive repair or damage.

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