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Deciding on the Correct Asphalt Application

Paving Professionals specializes in older asphalt renovation using a variety of methods. We evaluate each lot or road and design the most cost effective and long- lasting repairs and overlays to effectively give a “new” asphalt project.

Methods Used:

Variable depth patches to meet the existing traffic load and subgrade conditions.

  1. Using geo-grid high tensile strength mats under stone base to reduce the depth of undercut by bridging over questionable subgrade.
  2. Using BST (Bituminous Surface Treatment) also known as tar and chip, perma-flex, straight seal, and or chip seal. This is placed on an existing asphalt pavement which is cracked or broken but not showing subgrade failure with sinking or pushed up areas. The process starts with patching any potholes or sunken areas. Then a heavy layer of tack coat is sprayed onto the entire area and immediately covered with a thin layer of #78 stone (small stones about 3/8” in diameter.) The stones are rolled with vibratory roller to fill larger cracks and create a break between the cracks in the existing asphalt and the new asphalt. This greatly retards the existing cracks from reflecting through the new asphalt. Finally, 1 ½” to 2” thick overlay with surface mix asphalt is placed and compacted over the chips which have been sprayed with a second thin layer of tack coat. This process uses the strength remaining in existing asphalt and combines it with the new overlay to give a product that will last as long or longer than the original asphalt lot or road. It saves the cost of removing and hauling off the original asphalt and finding that the removal process has caused more damage to the subgrade or stone base.
  3. Some older lots will be too far gone for a BST treatment and we will recommend removal and replacement, possibly with a thicker asphalt thickness. Subgrade repair may also need to be addressed if pliable clay or topsoil and roots have caused the problem. Subgrade must be stable for asphalt to perform well. Several methods can be used including adding cement, or lime and mixing into the subgrade with a large machine. This is called FDR or Full Depth Reclamation. Obviously, the process gets more costlier as the needed methods get more involved. You will need a PROFESSIONAL!!

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